A Fall Activity You Need To Try in Charlotte - High Performance Real Estate Advisors

If you need a fun fall activity, look no further than disc golf.

What is there to do in Charlotte in the fall? If you can’t already guess by my location in the video above, my recommendation is disc golf. This activity can seem a little strange if you’ve never played it before, but trust me: You only need to play once to get hooked. 

Many don’t know this, but Charlotte is actually a mecca of sorts for disc golfers around the world. The world championship was held here just a few years ago, and there are plenty of unique courses to try out. 

There’s a bit of a stereotype that disc golf is a sport for hippies, but this perception has been changing recently. The pros spend a ton of time perfecting their craft, and they work up a big sweat doing it!

“You only need to play once to get hooked.”

Disc golf started back in 1927 in Canada, where people used frisbees in trash cans. Now, things have evolved to be much more sophisticated. Whatever you do, don’t call a disc a frisbee; the disc golfers will chew you out. 

One course you might want to check out is at Eastway Park in Northeast Charlotte. There are nine- and 18-hole courses, plus a lake you can choose to throw over. Winget Park is another fantastic course in our area. It has 18 holes, is mostly in the woods, and is home to some cool old ruins. 

What’s your favorite disc golf course? Do you have any favorite winter activities you’d like us to talk about? If so, call or email us. We’d love to hear from you!