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A Tale of Two Markets

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Every other month or so, I like to do an update about the latest goings-on in the market where I share my views about the trends we notice and help you to see how they might impact your plans to buy or sell a home.  In this market update, I’ll first give you a general look at the data we’re seeing across the country, and then I’ll delve into specific segments of the Greater Charlotte market.

Lately, we’ve generally seen good times in terms of the economy and the real estate market. However, not all markets are the same. Some areas seem to be in a buyer’s market, where others are in a seller’s market. Given that, today’s update is a tale of two markets.

Feel free to follow along in the video above! Otherwise, you can use the timestamps that I’ve provided below to navigate today’s market update at your leisure:

2:08—The contrast between inventory and demand in the premium and luxury markets

3:20—The starter and trade-up price points resemble a seller’s market; what sellers should know

5:35—A broad look at the Greater Charlotte area market numbers

7:15—Trading down your home means you’re moving from a strong buyer’s market to a seller’s market

7:47—Looking at how the number of home sales has developed over the last few years

9:24—The premium/luxury markets are a buyer’s market; what buyers should know

If your real estate plans involve trading up, trading down, or moving from one segment of the market to another, we’d like to speak with you. Let’s sit down so we can help you process what’s going on in your specific situation, including your wants, needs, and desired outcomes. This isn’t our first rodeo in terms of helping sellers reach their goals. We hope to hear from you soon.