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Meet Our Agents

Brian Boger

About Brian: Brian worked in the hospitality industry in 2010 when his good friend Thomas Elrod first tried to convince him to get into real estate. Brian didn’t know much about real estate and was hesitant about only relying on commission when he didn’t have the skills or training to be a real estate agent. Afraid of taking a risk, he decided to continue working in the hospitality industry and took on a management position for another company.

His Journey: After realizing his career wasn’t a good fit, Brian finally reached out to Thomas to see what a position on the team would look like. In 2014, Brian joined the team as an Inside Sales Associate prospecting, setting appointments, and learning the ins and outs of real estate. By the end of the year, his hard work and determination led him to become the Inside Sales Manager for the team. Brian continued to hustle for the next three years until he finally felt ready to start his career as a real estate agent.

His Results: In April 2017, Brian officially became an Outside Sales Agent for High Performance Real Estate Advisors and sold 58 houses by the end of the year. In 2018, he sold 106 houses. In 2021, Brian stepped into a role as our Sales Director and works side by side with all lead agents to ensure excellent care for all clients. Brian now has the experience and confidence to reach his goals and lead our team as one of our top agents, having his hand in successfully helping over 200 buyers and sellers.


Landon House


About Landon: Landon worked in the food and beverage industry for 8 years. After a night of serving, he went to Jocks and Jills to watch the Duke vs. North Carolina basketball game to kill some time before his wife got done with work. He ended up sitting next to Thomas Elrod and they got to talking. Thomas asked him if he’d ever consider a career in real estate and although a bit hesitant, Landon said he was open to the opportunity.

His Journey: After realizing he had nothing to lose, the very next day Landon called up Thomas to see if the offer still stood on the table. He came into the office for an interview, signed up for real estate classes, got his real estate license, and the rest is history! In May 2019, Landon joined The High Performance Team as an Inside Sales Associate.

His Results: In his first year working in real estate, his gross income doubled what he was making at his previous job. Landon had a hand in closing 60 homes his first year and is now a Lead agent. In 2021 he closed 63 transactions as a lead agent and over 90 as a lead agent and ISA.  Thanks to his career in real estate, Landon and his wife were able purchase their first home and are already on track to purchase their first investment property. Both of which he didn’t see as a possibility prior to his career move.