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Clients For Life

Thank You For Your Business & Friendship

It is our goal to serve as a resource for our clients and friends and to build lifetime relationships. In appreciation of your support, we are extending office amenities and other valuable services to all of our friends and past clients to help simplify your life. High Performance Real Estate can be your “one-stop shop” for many of the usually time consuming projects you may encounter each day.

In the spirit of providing more value, we invite you to be one of our Clients For Life and encourage you to take advantage of the benefits of membership. Keep us in mind whenever you need our services. If you see something you would like to take advantage of just give us a call at 704.444.0436!

Current List Of Benefits

  • Garage Sale Signs
  • Moving Boxes/Bubble Wrap
  • Thanksgiving Pie
  • Valentine’s Chocolates
  • Invitations to Special Events hosted by HPREA
  • Use of Office Fax/Scanner/Copier
  • Referral Directory for our Preferred Vendors
  • Equity Evaluation for Current Property
  • Scheduled Use of Conference Room
  • Relocation Information
  • Referrals to top real estate agents in any city in North America, should you consider moving
  • Cash flow analysis of real estate investments
  • Free literature on Buying and Selling real estate
  • Referral to Insurance Companies for insurance comparisons
  • Various Discounts with local vendors

Case Study #1: Ray

         The Problem:

Ray had his home listed with a realtor for 6 months. During this time, Ray had only spoken to him twice, the photos were taken with a cellphone, and the realtor just came up with an over the top asking price. Ray ended up taking his home off the market and refused to listen to any more sales pitches.

         The Solution:

  • One of our agents reached out and set up a consultation.
  • Hired High Performance Real Estate Advisors
  • We identified a price that would bring the right buyer for the home.
  • Professional Photography
  • The team maintained constant communication throughout the process.
  • We identified the highest return upgrades and repairs for the property.

The Results: Ray was able to move to the beach and pursue a lifestyle that he has always wanted.

Case Study #2: Mike & Kristan

         The Problem:

Mike and Kristan purchased a new home, but they still had to sell their old one. They needed to sell their house quickly, so that they wouldn’t be responsible for paying two mortgages.

         The Solution:

  • Hired High Performance Real Estate Advisors
  • Professional photography and Matterport Virtual Tour
  • We created a customized selling strategy
  • We maintained constant communication
  • HPREA held a Mega Open House to build anticipation and attract interested buyers.

The Results: Mike and Kristan’s home was under contract in less than 24 hours and they were able to move into their new home without having to worry about paying two mortgages.

Case Study #3: Troy

         The Problem:

Troy was a licensed realtor and when it came time to sell his own home, he put it on the MLS and hoped for the best. After two weeks of no activity, he didn’t think he could compete with spending $30,000 a month on marketing. He had already bought his new home, so he needed to sell quickly.

         The Solution:

  • Troy hired High Performance Real Estate Advisors
  • We did a comparative market analysis and identified a price that would bring the right buyer.
  • Professional Photography
  • HPREA went beyond the MLS and executed our customized marketing plan to thousands of potential buyers.

The Results: Troy’s home went under contract in 4 days and his family was able to move into their new home without worrying about spending more time and money selling their old one.

Case Study #4: Kim

         The Problem:

Kim needed to move to Florida to be closer to family. She tried to sell her house on her own, but couldn’t reach an agreement with buyers. She also didn’t have the time or resources to market her home properly. 

         The Solution:

  • Kim heard HPREA on WLNK.
  • Kim moved to Florida and hired High Performance Real Estate to handle everything.
  • We did a comparative market analysis.
  • HPREA identified the best price to find the right buyer.
  • We created a customized selling strategy to market the home.

The Results: Kim was able to move to Florida to be with her family without having to worry about the burden of selling her home while she was living in another state.

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