Q: What Improvements Should You Make Before Selling Your House? - High Performance Real Estate Advisors

Which home improvements should you make before you sell your house?

When considering which improvements are going to have the best payoff, the challenge is in finding projects that will have the biggest impact for the least amount of money. Telling you to renovate your kitchen and bathroom when you won’t be able to enjoy them is probably foolish advice. Generally speaking, big improvements like those will only get you a percentage of the costs back from the sale.

Be smart with your money. A ceiling fan that costs $1,500 won’t get you a bigger return than one that only costs $300. Smaller projects like painting, carpet, and hardware will get you a good return for their costs.

“Let a professional guide you so that you’re not spending far too much on projects that won’t bring you a good return.”

Also, when you’re selling your home, think about it from the buyer’s position. Declutter the entire house—you’re going to be moving anyway, so get rid of everything in the home that you’re not going to take with you.

On that note, imagine what the buyer will see when they drive up to your property. Power wash all your hard surfaces, lightly touch up your landscaping, and clean up the area around your front door to make your home more inviting. My wife put together a beautiful fall arrangement for our house, and she didn’t spend more than a couple hundred dollars. It completely transformed our front porch.

My final—but no less important—tip is to work with an experienced real estate professional. Let them guide you through your home improvement process so that you’re not spending far too much on projects that won’t bring you a good return.

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