These Rates Are Rare, So Play Your Cards Right - High Performance Real Estate Advisors

Would you like to see your money eaten by interest? We didn’t think so. Here’s how to take advantage of low rates.

Interest rates are the lowest they’ve been since the Great Recession. If your interest rate starts with a four, five or six, you should strongly consider replying back to this email. Thanks to the high volume of business we do as a team, we have the privilege of enjoying some very competitive rates from our lenders. 

Obviously, we’re in the business to sell houses, assist buyers, and plan with investors, but at the same time it’s also our responsibility as your agents to save you money. You can either give the banks your money through interest, or you can keep it in your own pocket and build equity even quicker. By replying back to this email, we can connect with a couple of different options so you can have a good faith estimate for what could be saved by refinancing. 

As always, we appreciate your time; if you have any general questions about interest rates or real estate, don’t hesitate to call us. We’d be glad to simply address your concerns.