Q: What Are Some Easy Ways to Boost Curb Appeal? - High Performance Real Estate Advisors

Boosting your home’s value and impressing buyers is easier than you think.

If you’re considering selling your home, first impressions are everything. Here are four low-cost items that everyone can do to their home:  

1. Go green. Put fresh mulch down in the garden, free your flowers from pesky weeds, clean up your shrubs, lay down fertilizer, and keep your lawn mowed. 

2. ‘Under pressure.’ Rent a power washer from Lowes or Home Depot and pressure wash lawn furniture and all the hard surfaces on the home’s exteriors. That being said, some power washers have incredibly intense, focused power, so be careful; the last thing you want to do is punch a hole through a material that probably should have been hand washed. 

3. Spruce up your front door. When a buyer gets out of their car and walks up to the front steps of your property, their attention quickly zeroes in on your door. Pressure wash it, add a fresh coat of paint, hang a wreath, plant flowers by it—anything you can do to make it pop. 

4. ‘Let there be light.’ Get rid of dark shades, draperies, or anything that restricts the flow of light into your home. The goal is to make the inside of your home feel very bright, open, and airy. 

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