Q: When Is the Best Time to Buy Your Dream Home? - High Performance Real Estate Advisors

Before you put your buying plans on hold for the holidays, listen to this!

Most people naturally assume that the market slows down in fall and flatlines in winter. While yes, there’s less activity overall in the fourth quarter seasons, they’re the best time to act if you’re a buyer in pursuit of your dream home. Here are the three main reasons why: 

1. Serious sellers. If you have your home listed at Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas and are willing to allow a lot of traffic through your home, you more than likely have a strong motivation to sell. A lot of sellers have to move by the end of the year so they can be ready to start a new job, while others find themselves needing to sell for tax reasons. If your seller is one who simply must sell, they’ll be more willing to give you a great price on their home and/or make a few more concessions than they would otherwise. 

“The home may have a defect or malfunction that’s more noticeable in the wintertime during an inspection.”

2. Vendors have more time. In the summer, home inspectors and appraisers are all booked up because market activity is at its natural peak; worse yet, some overwhelmed inspectors may be more prone to fly through a routine inspection during that time, which can leave unpleasant surprises for buyers. In the fall and winter, when these vendors’ schedules aren’t as packed, they’re more able to give your potential purchase the time and attention it needs. Also, the home may have a defect or malfunction that’s more noticeable in the wintertime, so you’ll be doing yourself plenty of favors as a buyer. 

3. Interest rates. A lot of banks and loan officers have quotas that they have to meet by the end of the year. Our already historically low interest rates will continue to go down or, at the very least, stay low throughout fall and winter to help lenders meet their deadlines. 

So, if you’re thinking about buying your dream home for a solid deal, low interest rate, and with the help of readily available vendors, it’s time for you to visit highperformancerealestate.com. We’ll see you at the closing table!