Why Vicki Is The Best Showing Specialist In The Area - High Performance Real Estate Advisors

Here’s why Vicki, our showing specialist, is so great at what she does.

Today I have a special guest with me: Vicki is our showing specialist and one of the most crucial members of our team. She’s a personal concierge for all the buyers and investors we work with in both North Carolina and South Carolina. Vicki has seen hundreds of homes from the Charlotte area to as far north as Salisbury, North Carolina to as far south as Chester, South Carolina. She knows that inventory better than all 17,000 real estate agents out there. 

“Vicki’s able to get you into homes quicker than any other agent in the area.”

Vicki’s also very well-versed in the different homebuilders, and our team specializes in new construction. She handles pre-existing homes and new construction homes very well. As a showing specialist, Vicki’s able to get you into homes quicker than any other agent in the area, and while she’s out in the field for one client, she may see a property that could benefit another client, which helps with the speed in which she can get buyers in to see homes. She showed 26 homes just this past week and submitted nine offers on our clients’ behalf. 

So if you’re considering buying or investing, we have the showing specialist for you. Vicki is a rock star; every one of our clients loves her, and you will too. 

If you’re thinking about buying or investing, reach out to us at HighPerformanceRealEstate.com. We’d love to help you make it to the closing table.